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About why we do this ...

Along life's road, we meet many friends who bring us happiness and joy. Once every 5 years, we like to get together to reminisce about the old days and revisit our youth. Our 35th reunion is quickly approaching. Make plans now to join us!

Opened in 1969 and converted to a Middle School in 1995, the hallowed halls of Henderson High were where we spent much of our youth. We remember Friday night football games, homecoming parades down Henderson Mill Road, the corner and the senior courtyard while we cherish the lifetime friendships we forged.

HHS79.com was created as a "one stop shop" for our classmates seeking information about our upcoming reunions and staying in touch. We all know that a fun and meaningful reunion is all about who participates, so we encourage you to register early. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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Like us on Facebook and let us know what's up in your life. It's an easy way to stay abreast of news in the old neighborhood and keep up with class news.

Stay In touch

We encourage you to stay in touch with the reunion committee when you have a change in your contact nformation. We don't want you to miss the next party!

In Memory gone too soon

In the 35 years since we graduated, we've lost several close friends from the class of 1979. This site is dedicated to our classmates who were once a part of our lives and we smile when we think of times remembered. They may leave this world, however, they will never leave our hearts and they are certainly not forgotten.

Barrie Berg

Scott Braswell

Lonnie Brown

Kay Caldwell Williams

Lisa Downey Williams

Nancy Garcia Faulkenberry

Penny Hall Looney

Reid Lipshutz

Mark Mayfield

Steve Morris

Elana Restein

Howard Schuman

Richard Smith

Missing Classmatesdo you know where they are?

Over the years, we sometimes lose touch with our friends. The Reunion Committee has been hard at work and found many of our alumni but we are having difficulty locating the following classmates. If you have contact information for any of the people on this list, please email us so that we can inform them about the upcoming reunion.

  • Andrews, Jeffrey S. (Jeff)
  • Anglin, Gregory (Greg)
  • Bailey, Bonni R.
  • Baker, Russell A. (Rusty)
  • Baker Curtis, Vicki
  • Baldwin, Albert L. (Al)
  • Ballard Croxton, Kathryn (Kathy)
  • Beasley, Anthony C. (Tony)
  • Bradley Morris, Eve
  • Brooks Reid, Paula
  • Brown Hewitt, Dorothy
  • Brown, Frederick T. (Fred)
  • Brown, Jeffrey (Jeff)
  • Bryant, Barry D.
  • Bunting, J. Derrick
  • Burke, Bradley (Brad)
  • Chiu, Yen-Yin
  • Connolly, Johnathan E.
  • Constantine Pitts, Cheryl
  • Cornell, Michael R. (Mike)
  • Cowan, Anthony J. (Tony)
  • Cowart, James (John)
  • Craddock, Mark D.
  • Craig Jeffers, Karen
  • Danner, John P.
  • Deal, Robert (Rob)
  • DeCelles, David E.
  • Diversi, Jennifer I.

  • Doman Barnhart, Pam
  • Dougherty, R. William (Bill)
  • Exum, C. Alesia
  • Farr Giroux, Beverly
  • Finney, Sherry L.
  • Gordon, Jack A.
  • Granum, Eric D.
  • Grey, Lee B.
  • Haines, Mike K.
  • Haley, George R.
  • Harbold, Linda M.
  • Harms, Timothy G. (Tim)
  • Harrell, Michael T. (Mike)
  • Hawkins, Ann L.
  • Hiatt, Daniel A. (Dan)
  • Holland, Deborah K.
  • Honkanen, William S. (Bill)
  • Ivey, J. David
  • Joiner, Desmond E.
  • Jordan, Gail
  • Kelley, John P.
  • Kelley, W. Bradley (Brad)
  • Kemlein, Chris H.
  • Kennedy, Jr., Robert R.
  • Khawley, Ramon G.
  • Kinion, Christopher A. (Chris)
  • Klingman, Gerald J. (Gerry)
  • Knight Armstrong, Karen

  • Kozicki, Douglas W. (Doug)
  • LeMoine Thompson, Michelle
  • Leonard, Gregg D.
  • Levitz, Brian K.
  • Lewis, J. Diane
  • Liebman Stamey, Janice F.
  • Litt, Elizabeth E. (Beth)
  • Llewellyn, David W.
  • Loflin, Rachel A.
  • Loflin, Rebecca A.
  • Looper, Amber E.
  • Martin, John K.
  • McClure, Mark W.
  • McCord, Leslie O. (Tag)
  • McDonnell, Aileen M.
  • McGill, Michael C. (Mike)
  • McKenzie Pawloski, Ava
  • Miller, Karyn R.
  • Miller Porter, Michelle
  • Moore, J. Alan
  • Mullis, Randolph D. (Randy)
  • Myers, Tammy K.
  • Neese, Randolph H. (Randy)
  • O'Connor, Mark N.
  • Osterman, Steven N.
  • Owen, Anthony, W. (Tony)
  • Page Westlake, Laura
  • Parker, Daniel H. (Dan)
  • Perry, V. Lynn
  • Petersen Allen, Kathleen (Kathy)
  • Piacentini, Stephen (Steve)

  • Pisarkiewicz, Cheryl
  • Pitts, William H. (Billy)
  • Pounds, G. Denise
  • Ramey, Mark A.
  • Reddy, David M.
  • Roberts Jensen, Chrstine (Chris)
  • Roberts Schaefer, Mary
  • Robertson, Matthew P. (Matt)
  • Robison, Michael E.
  • Shea, James E. (Jim)
  • Shirley, David S.
  • Smith, Dixon E.
  • Smith, Kevin L.
  • Sotillo, Judy
  • Soulis, Connie H.
  • Stewart Jenkins, Tamara (Tammy)
  • Stout, Jeff B.
  • Strickland, Steve F.
  • Styles Brown, Rachel
  • Swiney, Clements A. (Bo)
  • Terrell, John L. (Scuff)
  • Thompson Bearden, Donna
  • Thompson, Stephan J.
  • Towns Calva, Vanessa
  • Vigil, Michael A. (Mike)
  • Voight, Mark A.
  • Williams Dickens, Jacqueline (Jackie)
  • Wormsley, Cynthia A.

CONTACT US stay in touch

The most time consuming task of every reunion is trying to track down lost classmates. Please use this form to update your contact info and keep us informed. The spouses of the reunion commitee thank you for your consideration!